Professional Reviews and Testimonials


"I have been a physiotherapist for over 25 years and this program is the best I have seen yet.  It is based upon a very in-depth study of physiotherapy, acupuncture and kinesiology.  Besides prescribing it to my patients I also use it in the clinic to create rehab videos for my patients.  It’s as simple as click, drag, drop and workout.  It’s a lot more enjoyable for patients to follow along with this type of rehab homework than handing them a bunch of exercise flash cards."
Carol Banens - Physiotherapist

"Yipfit is awesome! With such a wide range of exercises, it can help a wide range of people meet their fitness goals.  Not to mention it’s so affordable you can even use it as an add on to any of your other favorite fitness activities."
Jen McConnery - Personal Trainer

"Yipfit finally is program that actually addresses all of my patients concerns regarding starting a fitness program.  It is affordable, individualized, very in-depth yet quick and easy to use.  I will recommend Yipfit to all of my patients." 
Kevin Bernardo - Naturopathic Doctor




“Working 24hr shifts plus running a small business (not to mention a growing family) has made it difficult to keep in shape.  Thanks to YipFit I am back to working out with a schedule that works for me and a program that doesn’t break the bank.”
Chad - Firefighter

“With a busy job and a family at home finding the time to go to the gym is almost impossible.  The workouts I get form Yipfit work with my busy schedule, pushes my limits and don’t bother my shoulders, in fact they feel a lot better.”
Mike - Marketing

“With my line of work staying top shape is of outmost importance.  I had injured my hip working with a personal trainer but with the use of Yipfit I can stay strong and pain free.  I love the recovery and rehab exercises, they have helped so much.”
Evelyn - fire fighter

“My shoulders are in rough shape from all the years of playing hockey.  YipFit has enabled me to workout hard again and the rehab programs for my shoulders are more detailed than I used to get from my physiotherapist.  This program is amazing!”
Chris - Accountant