the future of fitness!

The secret of getting great results is through individualizing programs to meet the exact needs of the user.  YIPFit contains over 550 exercises (and it is growing constantly).  These exercise are rated for each user based upon the results from our detailed assessment.  Workouts are then created in a specific format to ensure proper durations for warm-up, dynamic movements, allignment correction, workouts and rest periods based upon the individual and the type of workout. 

This will prevent anyone from doing exercises that may aggravate a pre-existing problem and will select exercises to correct these imbalances.


EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: YIPFit will select exercises based upon the equipment you own so that you can properly perform each exercise.  If you get more equipment just mark off what you have through your profile page and YIPFit will instantly update your workouts to include its use.


DIFFICULTY:  YIPFit will create programs to challenge your limits but prevent you from over straining you based upon the results of your assessment.  As your fitness improves you reasses or increase the difficulty.


FREEDOM OF CHOICE:  YIPFit will create accurate programs to meet your needs but it aslo allows you to have the freedom to choose what you want to do.

You can reassess anytime, select easier or more difficult programs, change workouts and even create your own.  You can name and save your favorite workouts to try again ata any time.


FREEDOM OF MUSIC:  We realize that everyone likes to listen to different songs when they exercise so we aren't going to force you to listen to our music while you workout.  The volume of the video can be seperately adjusted so you can listen to your itunes playlist while you workout.  Rock on!