Why Choose Us?


Help yourself and helping others at the same time.  
YipFit has pledged to donate 1/3 of all its profits to the Childrens Hunger Fund to help feed children in developing countries.

Please consider the following:

  • Most gym memberships are $50-80 per month and there is no one to help guide you.  You may waste 30-40 min driving back and forth, somewhere between finishing work, eating supper and trying to find time to sleep.


  • Personal Training is $50-100 per hour and please be aware how little education some trainers have.  You can do a course in a couple of weekends and call yourself a trainer.


  • Exercise videos and packages can be a little more affordable but unless you are already in good shape and don’t have any issues good luck keeping up and hopefully you don’t injure yourself (as I have treated my share of patients injured this way). Not to mention doing the same routines over and over gets boring and is not ideal for your body.

Now consider YIPFIT!

  • Customizable exercise videos based on an in-depth assessment of your bodies needs


  • Based upon over a decade of study in kinesiology, biomechanics, athletic injuries and rehabilitation techniques.


  • Workout anywhere


  • Every workout is different yet built specifically for your needs so you are always challenged enough to improve and routines never get boring and stagnant.


  • Workout with a friend options with workouts designed to meet both of your needs.


  • You can pick the music so you don’t have to listen to the same old tunes.


  • Do cardio, strength, core, recovery, rehab or even create your own workout videos...